With its idyllic weather and savanna climate , many tourists think of Zimbabwe as a dream vacation spot. Zimbabwe’s largest city Harare is home to some of the most forward-thinking people around. If you’re lucky enough to call yourself a homeowner in Harare, you might be thinking about getting rooftop solar panels to power that dream home of yours. Here are three reasons why that’s a really good idea.  

1. Outsmart the utility companies

With Zesa rumoured to be considering a 30% energy rate increase in 2019 going solar gives you the opportunity to cut the cost of your electric bills in the long term. No matter how often you see another jump on your electric bill, you never get used to it.Solartech can offer you an alternative to unpredictable energy rates. By producing your own clean energy, you become your own power company (and charge yourself less).

 2. Independence

Investing in a solar power system makes you less reliant on the National Grid for your electricity. As an energy generator, you can enjoy cheaper electricity throughout the day. And if you invest in battery storage, you could carry on using solar energy after the sun goes down. This would give you independence from Zesa and inconsistent load shedding

3. Keeping Harare’s skies blue

Harare is one of the leaders in solar panel installations. It’s no wonder, considering the awareness Harare citizens maintain around the issues of climate change. Residents know we don’t have to keep using the same old methods of power generation that are hurting our environment. We have better options.Solar uses fewer resources and produces power in a cleaner, more efficient way than the old power generation methods. It’s a smart way to get the power we need while ensuring clean oceans and clear skies.

Don’t be left in the dark

Get backup power when you need it and maximum control over your Harare electric bill, all with clean and affordable energy for day and night with Solartech. It’s customized solar, made simple. Get your home solar system with Solartech, and maximize savings plus a peace of mind knowing you’ll have back up power in case of an emergency for you and your loved ones.

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