Choosing to go solar can save you money on Zesa bills and help to protect the environment at the same time. Additionally, installing a backup solar battery system may be your solution to surviving the gruelling load-shedding schedules that are commonplace in Zimbabwe. As the top solar energy company in our area, SolarTech Systems offers high quality and efficient solar panel systems. In today’s post, we shall consider the benefits of investing in a solar battery backup.

Solar Backup Power – A solar battery backup stores the excess energy produced by your solar panel system during the day for later use. If a power outage then occurs, you’ll be able to simply switch to your battery which was being charged during the day . A 100Ah, 48V lithium battery such as those we have in stock can provide you with about 8 hours of backup power if for instance you were using the power for the lights in your house, the TV and the fridge.

Going Off-Grid – Certain solar battery backups can allow you to take your home completely off the grid. This means that your solar panel system can produce and store enough energy for your home throughout the year. However, most available solar battery backups only have enough capacity for a few hours of electricity. You would need to work with a solar installation specialist like us to get the results you want. We are one of the few that can professionally install an Off-Grid Solar Power System for your home.
Additionally, a solar geyser is a logical investment for these winter months when Zesa will be unreliable. The solar geyser is a separate component which is not connected to the solar panels but heats and stores your hot water separately using solar energy.
So don’t let Zesa kill your vibe, invest in the future and invest in your energy independence.Give us a call or Whatsapp message on 0787049916 for any assistance you may need.

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