Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for my batteries to be fully charged?

    Charging time varies depending on the number of batteries and the power available to charge the batteries, i.e. batteries usually charge faster when charging from the ZESA utility power since they can charge at maximum current. However, using a solar system with more panels will also produce the same results.

  • Do I necessarily need panels for a solar system?

    Yes, panels make the solar system more economic. 

    Q: How?

    A: By using panels, one will be utilising the free and abundant energy from the sun thereby saving money on utility bills and fuel for generators.

    Solar panels are also environmentally friendly since they produce energy without emitting any toxic substances into the atmosphere.

    Solar panels require zero-minimum maintenance and this is another major plus since the alterative i.e. Generators require regular maintenance which can be costly.

  • Can I include stove / cooker on my system?

    Most systems usually less than 10000W (usable power) cannot handle a cooker since it draws a lot of current and this can greatly reduce your battery life as a result of many charging cycles in a short period of time. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to include a cooker on a system.

  • Is it possible to go completely off-grid and forget about paying Zesa bills? If so, what do I require?

    Yes! Definitely, all you need is an inverter(s) {typically with a minimum size of 5kVA}, the correct number and size of panels to provide power for your appliances during the day while also charging your batteries. Finally, you need batteries with big enough capacity to provide power for your appliances during the night

  • Does a solar system work in cloudy / rainy conditions?

    Yes, however you will notice a decrease in the amount of power you get from your panels. This implies that if you charge your batteries using the panels in cloudy/rainy seasons, they will take longer to reach full capacity.

  • How do i make my solar power last longer per charge?

    In general, if you have more panels, charging time will be shorter and you can run more loads during the day. More batteries result in more stored electrical energy to use during night time.

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